Our Business Process Outsourcing Services

Quantnex is a full-service BPO with experience delivering continuous value and innovation that evolves with your business needs. That’s why many global brands trust Quantnex to provide omnichannel and specialized offshore outsourcing services that deliver consistent and sustainable ROI. Voice, chat, email or a wide range of back office BPO/KPO needs. Outsource the following business processes to our dedicated BPO service and focus on profitability.

Back Office Outsourcing

Meeting customers on their preferred channel at their preferred time is a huge boost to the customer experience. Back-office services such as data management, data digitization, live chat, and accounting enable businesses to deliver a more personalized experience across multiple communication channels. As companies focus on growing their customer base, our back office processes ensure that all account, bookkeeping, and customer support processes run efficiently.

Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Services

We provide bundled financial and accounting outsourcing services aimed at supporting organizations by providing a digitized environment and ensuring the best user experience.

Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services

Keeping an organization’s books requires specialized skills as mistakes can lead to huge fines. Accounting outsourcing services give businesses access to the expertise of industry experts to ensure that all transactions and tax obligations are properly maintained.

Accounting Outsourcing Services

Back Office Process Outsourcing Services eliminate the need for businesses to hire and maintain in-house teams for accounting tasks such as financial reporting, tax filing, order processing, and other common accounting tasks. increase. Accounting outsourcing services in India enable businesses around the world to have customized solutions for specific problems in their niche.

Inbound Chat Support Services

An inbound chat support service can save businesses a lot of money on hiring and maintaining a large in-house team of phone callers. Chat support allows service providers to direct customers to self-help materials or appropriate products without delay. Access to quality information is an integral part of a great customer experience and can be delivered instantly through inbound chat support.

Live Chat Support Services

Live chat is the dominant form of customer service today. Grocery delivery companies, e-commerce players, and taxi aggregators rely heavily on live chat options to provide excellent customer service. Live chat enables faster resolution and also helps you find products faster. Tracking support, status quo refunds, technical support, and return requests are the most common requests made through live chat. A small number of customers can also use chat support to find relevant products as quickly as possible.

Data Management Services

Data management services focus on aggregating collected data to provide detailed insights into customer behavior and general trends. Data-oriented services also handle identifying communication and transaction types preferred by end users. Its growing importance should not be underestimated. Organizations are always looking for ways to extract the most value from their data sources. We provide high-quality data management services that help organizations have an effective data management framework that supports the rapid collection, processing, and analysis of user information.

Data Management Services includes multiple offerings like

  • Data Entry Services
  • Data Conversion Services
  • Data Processing Services
  • Data Digitalization Services

Inbound Email Support Services

With a real-time inbound email support service, businesses can efficiently handle all customer inquiries and concerns. Such email support services provide a quality solution experience and increase customer loyalty. Outsourced e-mail support services ensure that your customers always have an agent available to them, improving bounce rates across your website. With this feature, customers are more likely to engage on a personal level, resulting in increased retention and loyalty.

Call Center Outsourcing

Call center services are essential for businesses that believe in meeting customer expectations at the right place, at the right time.

What sets our contact center outsourcing services apart from the rest is our passion for success in all endeavors, whether innovation or haste. We provide customized contact center solutions to help every function of your organization achieve critical business outcomes.

Inbound Customer Service Outsourcing

Product inquiries, customer support, and refund inquiries are an integral part of a quality customer experience. Inbound Customer Service Outsourcing ensures an effective and measurable customer experience. These outsourcing services are intended to help companies deliver solutions to their customers as quickly as possible. Inbound Customer Service occurs when a customer encounters a problem or asks a genuine question about the application of a product or service. Email, live chat and phone are the most popular methods of inbound customer service.

Inbound Technical Support Outsourcing

Answering everyday questions and providing quality technical analysis of your products over the phone, email or chat will impact customer experience and drive referral business. Today’s contact center service providers are helping companies provide world-class technical support through remote login and troubleshooting materials.

Standard inbound call technical support eliminates the need for customers to search for viable alternatives and saves businesses a lot of unconditional return or exchange requests. Technical support provided by well-trained agents helps businesses maintain a clean brand reputation and instill pride in belonging to a particular community.

Inbound Upselling Services

Customer recommendations and product recommendations have evolved into the latest cross-selling and up-selling avenues. Inbound upsell services can give companies an edge over their contemporaries. Inbound Upsell Services allow businesses to advertise their products and services as solutions to existing customers. Upselling services offer companies an opportunity to build a sustainable business. It also allows businesses to leverage their customer base acquired through incentive-based campaigns. Quantnex is constantly upgrading its staff with new skills to provide access to multiple products to its customer base. Our inbound upsell service allows companies to solve customer problems by offering new products or add-on services.

Outbound Welcome and Onboarding Call Services

Welcoming new customers and clients is a prominent customer experience trend. Outbound greeting and onboarding call services help businesses feel welcomed and valued. E-commerce players, food suppliers and taxi aggregators are always looking for new strategic partners. Finding and engaging the right partners requires a thorough understanding of the industry and the processes involved. One should check if the partner chosen brings added value. Our outbound welcome and onboarding call service is designed to make new partners feel at home. We help organizations easily share the information they need with many partners.

Outbound Lead Generation Services Outbound Lead Generation Services Solutions

A professional outbound lead generation service provider identifies, prospects, nurtures and converts leads into potential deals. With so much competition, naysayers and newcomers have little choice. Professional contact center services allow businesses to stop worrying about leads, opportunities and sales and focus on improving their products. Our campaigns are part of the process of identifying potential customers, building a database, performing quality checks and analyzing the final list before calling. Tiered data management ensures affordable call rates and a high return on investment.

E-commerce Outsourcing Services

We have grown to become a trusted partner of leading companies around the world by providing professional and customized services across the e-commerce value chain. Whether catalog management, product management, seller or buyer management, we understand the needs of any e-commerce company.

Content Management Services

We see increasing adoption of his OTT platform for sharing and consuming content. Content is truly king in every sector.  Our content management services meet the specific needs of industries such as social networking platforms, content platforms such as OTT platforms, video streaming and e-commerce marketplaces.

Our Services:

  • Content Writing Services
  • Content Moderation Services
  • Content Localization Services

Buyer & Seller Management Services

With our seller and buyer management services, our e-commerce platform helps sellers sustain growth. An established management platform allows sellers to solidify their position in a growing ecosystem. Services like Buyer Query Support and Buyer Perception Management help both sellers and buyers make the most of the evolving e-commerce ecosystem.

Our Services:

Buyer Experience Management

  • Buyer Query Support
  • Buyer-Seller Engagement
  • Buyer Perception Management

Seller Experience Management

  • Pre & Post Onboarding Support
  • Business Incubation Support
  • Account Management

Product Management Services

Product Management Services focuses on perfecting your e-commerce platform by eliminating brand interference, improving search results, onboarding new sellers and helping buyers make better decisions. increase. Product management services help businesses improve conversions and ecommerce platform shoppers find the products they need faster by removing duplicate listings and controlling information conflicts.

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