Affects of AI

What should we think about OpenAI’s GPT-4? Are major language models an important step on the road to human intelligence and artificial intelligence (AGI). If we have developed general intelligence, is it so different from human intelligence that Humans has no place to hide? If you ask this important question to the best minds in…


What is a Website Builder?

A website builder dashboard example using software and the task of theme selection. Whether you’re just starting a business or want to move your existing brick and mortar business online, you’ll need to locate a website builder to get you and your brand online. Website builders come with a variety of options, so it is…


Website Redesign SEO Checklist

Website Redesign SEO Checklist The best SEO checklist will blend content planning and execution with technical aspects like code and schema. You can’t have solid SEO without combining traditional content marketing with a solid process and a very strong codebase. You’ll see my below list combines multiple elements before and after the go-live to make…