Our Social Media Services

With full access to billions of users on social media, digital marketing plays a key role in your overall digital strategy. Social media marketing is a very useful tool for businesses looking to grow their brands and find fans. By building a social presence at scale, these powerful social media platforms help brands build communities, collaborate with customers and followers, and build lasting relationships. Our effective social media strategy will help you achieve success, increase engagement and get better results.

Social Platforms

You can use trending social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to connect and build relationships with your audience, increase brand awareness and most importantly increase your ROI.

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Social Media Marketing

You can run a mix of paid and organic marketing efforts and connect with your customers through engaging content. Weekly/monthly, measure your progress and adjust your marketing strategy to ensure peak performance.
  • Organic Marketing

It refers to acquiring customers naturally over time, rather than “artificially” via paid links or boosted posts. Rely on your customers to build awareness of your business and its products/services and build a connected audience through organic marketing. requires a lot of effort. It’s important to keep your social platforms active with engaging content.

  • Paid Marketing

It is now considered the cornerstone of SMM’s success. Paid advertising is often the only way to really get transparent ROI from SMM. Due to the algorithms of social media platforms and the varying times when viewers are online, organic content may not appear in your community. Paid marketing allows you to grow your audience quickly as you get more accurate conversions. Organic marketing, on the other hand, helps brands build an online presence with their customers through link building, content marketing, and more..

Social Media Optimisation

Quantnex offers the best PPC campaigns that consistently deliver low budget campaigns with relevant business clicks, leads and sales. We optimize your social media resulting best for your business growth.
  • Social Media Presence

Create accounts on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit and YouTube.

  • Content Creation

Our team of social media experts creates content for various platforms that are central to your social media strategy.

  • Social Media Advertising

The best thing about Social Media Advertising is that you can start a campaign with as little as INR 100, see leads and sales and grow.

  • Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics are out-of-the-box and critical data analytics that show you where to invest to generate more leads and sales.

Our Exclusives In SM Management

We analyze the business and schedule the client’s social media posts by creating a 365 days calendar. Each post will be scheduled and managed properly using this Social Media Calendar. This results in regular engagement on social media platforms boosting the growth of business

We are managing the social media accounts of several brands, celebrities, influencers, and politicians. Most of them are having thousands and even millions of followers.

Sample - Our Social Media Calendar

Instagram | Snapchat AR Filters, Lenses

We have developed dozens of Instagram and Snapchat AR filters for all types of customers, from influencers to big brands and businesses.

Why Quantnex Is Best For Your Digital Growth?

  • Hire a team of dedicated and knowledgeable digital marketing resources
  • Create marketing ubiquity with our full-service digital marketing
  • Extensive portfolio of successful global clients
  • Brand-centric approach to delivering results-based services
  • Flexible Receive employment contracts and value-based partnership offers


Grow Your Audience

Make your target audience aware of your presence and establish a virtual edge in the market with our dedicated digital marketing services.

Keyword Ranking

We use organic and paid marketing services to bring relevant keywords to the top of search engine results pages. 

Campaign Management

With constant updates, A/B testing and technical proficiency, we ensure your campaigns are a success and you get desired results.

Keyword Ranking

We use organic and paid marketing services to bring relevant keywords to the top of search engine results pages.

Analyze Social Profile

Do you have a complete, accurate and up-to-date social media profile? How many social media icons do you have on your website? Analyzing them will help you understand why these are important.

Online Branding

Create de facto control of your brand with your domain and make sure it sticks in your customers’ minds

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